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  • Brand New Whisky
    with Three Pot Stills

    The KANOSUKE DISTILLERY went into operation in 2017. The distillery is located among a number of buildings on a spacious, 9,000-square-meter tract of land along the Fukiagehama Beach on the west coast of Kagoshima Prefecture.

    Our two-story, U-shaped distillery houses all our distilling equipment, and features a bar with a beautiful view and a shop offering original KANOSUKE merchandise. Visitors to our distillery can see up-close how our whisky is made.
    One of the biggest advantages of our distillery is that we have three pot-stills instead of two, which is usual for craft distilleries of similar sizes all over the world.
    Each of the three pot stills have different neck shapes and lyne arm angle. Both by using different pot stills for redistillation and by blending new make spirits from different stills, we can offer whisky of richer flavors and aromas.
  • Heritage and Passion
    to Craft Best
    Japanese Whisky

    Komasa Jyozo, KANOSUKE DISTILLERY’s parent company, has been making shochu, a spirit distilled like whisky, since its founding in 1883. Our "Mellowed Kozuru", a shochu slow-aged in casks first produced 60 years ago by our second-generation distiller Kanosuke Komasa, is still the company's famous product. It was one of the first aged shochus and is still loved by many shochu-drinkers for its mellow flavor.
    The KANOSUKE DISTILLERY is named after the second distiller of Komasa Jyozo, and we plan on utilizing the unique characteristics of our locality, our history, and the innovative ideas of our artisan distillers to craft our whiskies.

    Passion and adventure in distilling is in our blood as distillers. We hope you look forward to the mellow yet flavorful new Japanese whiskies from KANOSUKE.