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We offer guided tours to the distillery and our warehouses by advance reservation. With our expert guides, you will see all the whisky making process up close. You will also enjoy tasting our whisky after the tours at "THE MELLOW BAR" situated on the second floor of our building, that overlooks the beautiful ocean with long white sand beach of HIOKI city.

Tour Contents

  • 1Reception Desk
  • 2History Guide
  • 3Mash Tun (Sugar Conversion)
  • 4Wash Back (Fermentation)
  • 5Pot Stills (Distillation)
  • 6Casking
  • 7Warehouse
  • 8Tasting at “THE MELLOW BAR”
  • 9Please enjoy your time
    at our “SHOP” and “GARDEN"
  • *We don’t offer any liquor to car drivers.
  • *Non-alcoholic beverage is also available.
Tour Hours
Requested tour time
(week days 13:30/
Weekends:10:30 or 13:30)
please contact us if time is not convenient
closing time 16:30
JPY 1,000
(tax included. Tasting included)
Closed Day
Closed Mondays,
(except public holidays)
and New Year's Holidays.

To make a reservation for a distillery tour,
please submit the following information at least two weeks prior to the desired date to

Name/Requested date of visit/Requested tour time
(week days 13:30/ Weekends:10:30 or 13:30)
/Number of guests/Country of residence/E-mail
/Daytime phone/Requested guide language (Japanese or English)
*please contact us if time is not convenient

  • *Reservations need to be made by 14 days before the visits.
  • *Confirmations will be sent via e-mails within few days.
  • *In case you do not receive the confirmation e-mail
    or you would like to cancel your reservation,
    please let us know at

  • *If one of your group members is capable of interpreting from Japanese,
    please cooperate with interpreting amongst your group as much as possible.
  • *Please understand that depending on the requested date of your visit,
    an English-speaking guide may not be available.