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  • 2019.03.29
    World Whiskies Awards 2019, We won!

    KANOSUKE NEW POT wins Best Japanese New Make on World Whisky Awards 2019.
    Thank you for your big support!
    WWA2019 WEB SITE

  • 2018.12.18
    Kyoto Whisky Party 2019 Crowdfunding Information

    In advance of Kyoto Whisky Party 2019, which will be held next year on April 14th, we are seeking everyone’s support through crowdfunding.
    As a benefit of becoming a “Kaisai Supporter”, you will have the privilege of hand-filling your own bottle of Kanosuke Distillery’s NEW POT directly from the bourbon and sherry casks, produced by Kyoto’s famous barrel-makers Ariake Sangyo. Of course, you can then take your bottle home! ※Pour the whisky from the cask by yourself, label it, and create your own original bottle.
    Please take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity. (Quantities are limited.)
    For further information (Japanese language only):

  • 2018.11.22
    Whisky Festival 2018 in Tokyo

    On Saturday, November 24th and Sunday, November 25th, Kanosuke Distillery will be exhibiting at Whisky Festival 2018 in Tokyo.
    The biggest Japanese whisky event of the year will be held over two days for the first time in its history.
    At this year’s Kanosuke booth, tastings will be available of three varieties of New Pot and New Born (white oak, sherry, bourbon), Mellow Kozuru from our shochu distillery, and our craft gin KOMASA GIN.
    As the event will take place during a three-day weekend, we expect that there will be many visitors, and we hope you can take the time to stop by the Kanosuke booth!
    ■Official website (Japanese language only):
    ■Tickets (Japanese language only):

  • 2018.11.01
    Release of KANOSUKE NEW BORN

    Quality Report for NEWBORN, available for pre-sale at Kanosuke Distillery Shop on November 10th.

    We checked the current maturation status and flavor of the non-peat whisky which was barreled in re-charred white oak casks in February 2018.
    Feeling like New Pot, with a sweet and sour aroma like ripe berries that is wrapped in the fragrance of the wooden barrel, it seems like it has been aging for longer than only 8 months. The flavor, which spreads in your mouth and is pleasantly oily, has its sweetness emphasized when a small amount of water is added, and this softness also contrasts its young age. The 6 barrels which were selected this time will be extracted in late October, and bottled for pre-sale at the Kanosuke Distillery Shop (on-site and online) in early November.

  • 2018.10.12
    Komasa Jyozo Joryu-sai 2018

    Komasa Jyozo will hold an event to commemorate the 1st anniversary of our whisky operations at Kanosuke Distillery!
    There will be plenty of food and drink stalls, as well as musical entertainment.
    How about spending the weekend visiting Kagoshima’s two whisky distillery festivals?
    Kanosuke Distillery’s will be on Saturday, Nov. 10, while Hombo Shuzo Mars Tsunuki Distillery’s will be on Sunday, Nov. 11.
    Let’s all have a great time together!
    Date : Saturday, Nov. 10th 10:00〜16:00 ※Cancelled in case of heavy rain
    Venue : Kanosuke Distillery (main venue) Komasa Jyozo Hioki Distillery (sub venue) ※Parking available
    Address : 845-3 Hiyoshicho Kaminokawa, Hioki
    Inquiries : Komasa Jyozo Co., Ltd. 099-260-2970

  • 2018.10.11
    The Nikkei

    Kanosuke distillery was introduced at the Nikkei Newspaper.
    Craft whiskey challenging by a long-established shochu brewer

  • 2018.08.31
    Anniversary Event!

    We will going to have an anniversary event at Kanosuke Ditillery. There will be several booth for food and music stage for the day. Also, you can visit Tsunuki Mars Distillery’ s festival on the next day. Let’s enjoy Kagoshima whisky weekend!!
    Date and Time : 10th November, Saturday 10:00〜16:00 ※Rain or Shine
    Place : Kanosuke Distillery(Main place)/ Komasa Jyozo Hioki distillery for shochu(second place) ※ parking available
    Address : 845-3, Kaminokawa, Hioki city, Kagoshima
    Contact : Komasa Jyozo Co.,Ltd Tel: 099-260-2970

  • 2018.08.07
    Our unique novelty items

    We made the unique novelty items of Kanosuke Distillery!
    Please take a look!
    (Domestic delivery only)

  • 2018.06.26
    ‘Whisky Talk Fukuoka 2018’

    Approximately 1,800 people attended Whisky Talk Fukuoka on June 17th, which exceeded all expectations. It was so crowded from beginning until end that it was difficult to even walk! At the Kanosuke Distillery booth, we were able to provide tastings our company’s products to many guests, including three varieties of New Pot and a 4-month-aged New Born. New Pot and New Born were both well-received, and we also heard that many people are interested in coming for a tour, since we are so close to Fukuoka. Thank you very much.

  • 2018.05.18
    ‘Whisky Festival 2018’ in Osaka

    Kanosuke Distillery will exhibit a booth at Whisky Festival 2018 in Osaka on Sunday, June 3rd. Mr. Yoshitsugu Komasa, the Executive Director of Komasa Jyozo Co., Kanosuke Distillery’s parent company, will be appearing as a presenter during the Special Seminars. The tasting items during the seminar will be three varieties of New Pot, one variety of the six-month aged New Born and cask aging rice shochu, Mellowed Kozuru Excellence. Enjoy the different flavors created from the varying attributes of our three stills.